“Although art is demanding and jealous, it has given me everything”

I am an artist because in art, I am able to reclaim the feelings of wonder and surprise that I felt as an infant - because as an artist, with a simple pencil I can recount stories, foster feelings and provoke thought - because as an artist I have the privilege of creating, to begin and end, as if to give birth.

There is a very satisfying fulfillment in the completion of each of my artworks – from then on they will be enjoyed by many different people around the world, in various cultures - this never ceases to amaze me.

I like to experiment with integrating different materials into my work, in order to achieve a lasting result that captures the emotion of the subject – I’m not interested in ephemeral art – I feel as though I have a responsibility to create something that will stand the test of time – a legacy.

For me, the simplest thing can be the subject of my art – the most important aspect is that it is something that is truly of interest to me. My works have changed over time, according to what is important in my life, and I have expressed in them both profound happiness anddeep sadness, always seeking beauty and truth and attempting to achieve a result that engenders sensations of light, of movement and of hope.

My most recent work, “RetratosIluminados” (Enlightened Portraits), is a view of family life, of motherhood and of the home. It was first created in an effort to improve mystyle of drawing the human form, but it matured as a result of some very important events in my life: the births of my children and my mother’s fight against cancer.